Paper Tube Cutting Machine for sale

Paper Tube Cutting Machine for sale Description This Small Paper Tube Cutting Machine is used to cut various kinds of paper. It is made of super thick steel plate to increase the stability of the machine during cutting, so the machine is not easy to shake. The whole computer digital frequency control can realize automatic tracking, making the cutting accuracy reach a very high level. The man-machine interface is convenient for users to adjust and input various relevant parameters, and can also be used to monitor the production of the machine. Due to the high degree of automation, the machine requires less labor, so the labor cost of the manufacturer is greatly saved. There are a variety of blade types for you to choose to meet different cutting needs. Features The PLC control system enables the Small Paper Tube Cutting Machine to have a precise positioning ability, and can cut at an accurate position according to the set value, and the cutting surface is smooth without adhesion. The man-machine interface is convenient for the user to input the item value and monitor the working status. The machine is fully automatic and can automatically load and unload goods. The blade is made of alloy steel, so it is very sharp and can cut objects quickly. Because of its many advantages, the production efficiency is greatly improved. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. Parameters Cutting length锛?0mm-1200mm Tube thickness锛?mm-5mm Tube diameter锛毼?5mm-桅76mm, with one shaft. Cutting tube speed锛?-10 pcs锛弇in锛孭LC control Cutting way锛欳ircular knife cutting, multiple-tool simultaneously cutting Blade quantity锛?0 sets Loading way锛欰utomatic loading & unloading Tool lower way锛歅neumatic roll setting Tube spin power锛?.5KW Paper tube feeding motor锛?.75KW Power supply(voltage)锛?80V three-phase four-wire Control system锛歅LC controller, Touch screen Speed adjustment mode锛欶requency control Our Service for small paper tube cutting machine: 1. Achievement: 1) Recommend proper device for our customers. 2) Provide the best solution for our customers' project. 3) Follow up after-sale service in regular. 2. Packing machine of paper and plastic is our areas of expertise. 1) Sturdy construction and mechanics,long-life span. 2) Accessories are included. 3) Machines which have supplied as our customers' request are with high quality for many years. 3. Machine transportation and shipment 1) We are cooperated with experienced companies at all major Ports in China. 2) We are flexible in shipping arrangements and accommodate a wide range of shipping company and packing request. 4. After-sale Service 1) Operation starts, if there is any defect and area in need of service, we will give you troubleshoot within 24 hours. If they are still not solved, to dispatch technician will be available as your request, round-trip tickets, food, hotel and salary will be paid by our customers. 2) If assembly is broken(not by human being factor) within one year guarantee time, new assembly will be expressed for free. After one year warranty time, you can buy parts from us or at your local market, we will assist you to get proper ones.Paper Tube Cutting Machine for sale website:
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