Construction Mixer Truck factory

Construction Mixer Truck factory Our Factory The company has a national enterprise technology center, a national industrial design center, Anhui Special Purpose Vehicle Engineering Technology Research Center, Anhui Heavy Special Purpose Vehicle Engine Engineering Research Center and a post-doctoral research workstation, and has long-term technical cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign research and development institutions and universities Relying on the Geely Commercial Vehicle Research Institute, it has first-class technological innovation and research and development capabilities. It owns major molecular companies such as Anhui Valin Automobile Co., Ltd., Anhui Xingma Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., Anhui Valin Automobile Co., Ltd. Engine Branch, Anhui Foma Auto Parts Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huirong Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.; has a modern The complete vehicle green factory and engine intelligent factory can realize the annual production of 100,000 complete vehicles and 50,000 engines. Our Product After nearly 20 years of development, the four series of H9, H7, M7 and M5 have become the flagship products of Valin Motors. In the ever-changing market trend, in addition to traditional energy sources (diesel and natural gas), Valin Motors is also far ahead of the industry in the field of new energy sources (pure electric, fuel cell and hybrid electric vehicles), and its products cover tractors , dump trucks, and trucks, and put them into market operation in batches, and gained a good reputation from customers. Production Equipment The factory is equipped with international advanced equipment such as HELLER, GROB high-precision machining centers, and ABB industrial robots, and integrates five major information management systems including ERP, DCS, ANDON, PMC, and DMC. All parts are scanned and matched according to the QR code, and all equipment is running Through PMC system monitoring, product quality information is automatically collected and uploaded, truly realizing the flexible, automated, intelligent and informatized full life cycle management of the production system. Production Market Valin Heavy Duty Truck is an independent brand that replaces imports. It has been exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Eastern Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America. It ranks seventh in the domestic market with a market share of about 3%; Xingma special vehicles are A well-known brand in the market has long occupied a dominant position in the domestic market, ranking second in the domestic market with a market share of about 12%; new energy electric heavy trucks are in the leading position in the industry, ranking first in the domestic market with a market share of 15%. Construction Mixer Truck factory website:
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