Coroplast Sheets factory

Coroplast Sheets factory Product Introduction: PP corrugated Divider Sheets also known as pp hollow corrugated sheet, PP corrugated Divider Sheets are assembled into a honeycomb shape storage space according to the size of the goods, put the products into each small space inside, to avoid friction and extrusion of goods in handling or transportation, collision. We add different materials inside the pp corrugated sheet, also can make the product has an anti-static function, so that the goods produce an anti-static performance. Material: Environmentally friendly polypropylene Size: Customized Thickness: 4-5mm, or customized Density (GSM): 600g-1000g Usage: Transport or store products Free A4 size sample ODM/OEM: Accepted Features: Lightweight, foldable, recyclable, cost - effective, strong and durable, etc. Applications: Corrugated plastic dividers are widely used for the transport of fragile products. Usually used for transit boxes, mailboxes, display racks, divider boxes, gift boxes with dividers. Also used for precision electronic 3C class, instruments, semi-finished products, product components electronic components. The protection of the distribution products, to avoid products in transit product friction generated static electricity, resulting in damage, the internal structure of electronic components. Color:Anti-static black, conventional blue, white, special colors can be customized. Size: We do die cutting corrugated board according to the customer's needs Features: 1. Products with anti-static function, we have a product with anti-static function suitable for electronic components and other products with requirements. 2. Strong pressure resistance, strong and durable enough 3. Good toughness, good impact resistance 4. Dust-proof, moisture-proof, waterproof and moisture-proof 5. Products can be assembled and disassembled, when to store large products is can be split into the right size space. 6. Foldable, the product can be folded after use, so that the product recycling changes more convenient. 7. Non-toxic, non-polluting, environmental protection, recyclable 8. Logo can be printed on it 9. You provide design drawings can be fully customizedCoroplast Sheets factory website:
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